Coffee from Papua New Guinea

GBBC Coffee grows on the campus of Goroka Baptist Bible College.  The high elevation, tropical rains, shaded gardens, rich soil, and hand-picking make this a high-quality coffee.

For years GBBC has used the many gardens on campus to grow the staple foods of Papua New Guinea to supplement the food needs of the students and help keep their school fees down. With the increased numbers of students and their families, we knew we had to come up with a plan to supplement the gardens.  Several years ago we began planting arabica coffee trees around campus where it is difficult to plant food gardens, but is perfect for growing coffee.  We use the coffee to support the students and college by: 1) providing needed school fees for students who work with the coffee; 2) training students in coffee husbandry; 3) providing additional income to the general fund; 4) purchasing supplemental food for students; and 5) promoting prayers for and awareness of the Bible College and its ministries. Not only that, we want to provide a great cup of coffee for you!  The harvest from the 7,000 trees have produced lots of coffee beans to be roasted, ground, and packaged.  Both beans and ground coffee (8 oz/200grams) are now available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Papua New Guinea!

If you would like to taste some of the world's greatest coffee and support a vital ministry training Papua New Guineans, you can purchase GBBC Coffee online, visit All proceeds go to support the students and college programs.  The US price is $12 per bag plus US shipping. We'll send you a packet, or purchase several to share as gifts. Please enjoy a great cup of coffee as you partner with us to train Papua New Guineans for the Gospel ministry!

coffee bucket GBBC students harvesting the ripe coffee cherries.

GBBC Coffee Project Photos