Books for Pastors

URGENT:  $2,000 needed now to help purchase and send Bibles and books for our ministry!  Can you help by praying, donating books, giving to purchase a Bible or a case of Bibles?

We are able to give books to graduating students due to the gracious gifts of many donors!  Most of these books were collected while on furlough and were shipped in a 40' container to the Bible College.  During our yearly "Pastors' Toolbox" dinner all the graduating students received a box of Bible Study books, an investment in their ministries.  I enjoy passing books along and often tell the students I am just the "middleman," passing on a blessing from God which passed through the hands of American Christians, Christians who gave to help the church of Papua New Guinea.  It is always a great night of fellowship and blessing!

We are still looking for used and new Bible study books and donations to help provide books for other pastors, and textbooks for our students. Most of the pastors we work with, and our students, do not even have a basic library of Bible study books. Good second-hand books can be given a new life, and are helping the church in Papua New Guinea.  We need Study Bibles; Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, Handbooks and Atlases; Theology and Doctrine books; and Sunday School lesson books and materials. 

Also needed are sponsors who are willing to invest $50 to purchase a Pidgin Concordance for a pastor or college student.  This large concordance is a valuable book for Bible study, including an alphabetized list of words and topics found in the Bible.  With this a pastor can study topically all the verses on a subject, or just find a specific verse he is looking for. The first complete English concordances have been helping pastors study since 1879 for Young's Analytical Concordance, and since 1890 for Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  It was less than 10 years ago, in 2002, that (only) 1,000 copies of the Pidgin Konkodans were published, and very few pastors and students can afford them.   Would you pray about this need?  Our graduates, pastors, and students need this tool to deepen their studies as they teach and preach God's word to their people.  If you desire to invest in and encourage the ministry of church leaders in Papua New Guinea, gifts can be sent to ABWE, “GBBC Student Book Fund” account #110273 - 020, or you can donate online by going to our "Giving" page.

2011 Toolbox Charlie-Elizabeth
Concordances Doct 1-07 copy