Prayer Requests and Letters

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MELSON MESSENGER     September 2018

We appreciate you and the prayers and financial support as we serve the Lord with you in Papua New Guinea!

We train and teach leaders in Papua New Guinea (PNG) where we have served for over 20 years.  Though active in PNG evangelism and church ministries, I (Pat) was the director of Goroka Baptist Bible College, the ABWE started school that partners with churches to train men and women for ministry.  I used to recruit teachers for the school, but NOW I am one of the regular teachers and will travel to PNG three times a year to fill in the gaps, especially for our advanced program that provides regional modular classes for pastors.  We take the classes to them regionally, instead of them buying a plane ticket that costs 3-5 times their monthly salaries. 

We just mailed about $600 in Bible Study books for our graduates (in November), something that would not have been possible without you.  It took some extra funds, and about a month of work on my part.  I was informed of the need for graduate's books, which I have usually oversaw while on the field, but our field being short-staffed, no one had time to pursue this.  I also have assisted with working on class notes for teachers as able, which leads to our prayer requests.

Please pray as we raise needed support, normal after coming off a Leave of Absence.  Currently we do not have enough support to quit my secular job yet, and it feels a bit like spinning our wheels.  We are asking God for prayer and financial supporters so we can begin trips to PNG again in early 2019.

Please pray for Kel's parents, Bruce and Sue, as we help them with Mom's dementia.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and for us, as we seek the right medication, dosage, or combination of meds.  We (Kellis) have been doing all the cooking and cleaning and helping dad keep a watchful eye on mom.  We are praying for suitable nearby housing that would help our family be a bit more stable as we assist them.

Please pray for our PNG team of both missionary and nationals.  Pray for the end of the school year with Graduation on our American Thanksgiving, and the accompanying and encouraging 3-day Pastors and Wives Conference.  We need more missionaries, but we also need help from trying to do too much.  It is tough finding the right balance of ministries and family.  I have been there... Do I help this student just a bit more on this assignment to make sure he gets it right, knowing it can deepen his years of ministry ahead of him?  Do I teach this topic in Sunday School this quarter?  Do I accept this speaking engagement and the chance to speak God's Word in a new region?  Do I give just a bit more attention to mentor this couple who feel the call of God on their lives?  Do I meet with this brother who asked for one-on one accountability?  The church needs help in this area, how can I help them address this issue biblically?  They are there, with many such questions pressing on them and their families.  We know, we have been there...and we are there now.

There is so much more to say!  But let me close with full assurances of our friendship, and how grateful we are to partner with you for His dear children in PNG!

Serving Together,
Pat and Kellis Melson

12745 El Camino Del Diablo
Yuma, AZ   85367