Goroka Baptist Bible College

Mission Statement: “Helping Churches Train Workers for the Gospel Ministry.”

Founded in 1974, GBBC offers 2 and 4 year programs for men and women in English and Pidgin, and an advanced 2 year program in English. Many of the 408 graduates serve the Lord as pastors, while some serve as teachers and other Christian workers. This multiplication of workers is part of a growing church-planting movement, which is beginning to form a missions movement as those churches continue to carry the gospel into new areas, and send out their own missionaries.  May more souls be saved and God’s name be exalted among the nations!

The campus is near its capacity of 70 with students coming from different parts of the country: islands, coastal, highlands, cities, towns, and remote rural villages.

We need teachers and staff as we seek to expand to meet the growing ministry needs of the church. We desire to expand our pastor’s and women’s programs and to add other programs such as education, youth and children ministries, and some practical skills training. To do this we will need to add new facilities and staff, all a part of our 20 year plans as the Lord leads. Will you pray for GBBC?  You can PRAY for the GOROKA BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE EXPANSION PROJECT, so more people can be trained for the ministry!  See the following informational and promotional videos:



Some current needs (Nov 2015) include:

1) Pray for Maintenance Needs of the College.     Our current maintenance man is moving to a new location and we need someone on site to help with building and machinery needs.

2) Pray for financial needs at GBBC.   (GBBC account-774403-01)

$5000 is needed for Drought relief.  PNG is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 20 years.  We were here for the 1997 drought, and it was quite desperate.  Though rains have returned it still will be 60-90 days before the first crops will come in.  Funds are needed to help provide for our students, but otherdrought relief funds could be raised for community outreach.

* $5000 is nee0ded in the scholarship fund (scholarship account-774403-03) to cover work scholarships for an upcoming school break (Nov-Jan).  A gift towards this is multiplied, because 1) It helps provides work for students to earn school fees, and 2) It enables the school to hire students for maintenance needs and in turn receives funds back as school fees.
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* $8,000 needed Building Upgrading, GBBC Expansion.  This project includes much larger financial needs than the $6,000 listed, as featured in ABWE's year end message magazine for 2014 (http://www.abwe.org/message-magazine/from-who-to-who)

The $8,000 will help with immediate needs of upgrading some buildings with siding and interior improvements as a part of improving existing buildings and infrastructure within the project.  Primarily we are improving a few married houses for administrative and staffing needs. 

(See the Giving page on our website to learn how to give through ABWE.)

3) Pray for our 7 recent (Nov 24th) graduates: Alfred and Agnes Tamule from the Hela Province; Joshua and Jennifer Gis from the Simbai, Madang Province; Jim Hane from the Eastern Highlands Province; Nicky Bafe, Eastern Highlands; Mapex Hongei, Hela Province. Most are returning to their home areas, pray for their future ministries and for their transition as they move.    Pray for the teachers and students, some of the teachers are new.  Pray for spiritual growth.

4) Coffee Project  This exciting new project teaches coffee hubandry to our students as well as raising awareness and funds for our students and school programs.  Coffee is available now for a donation!  See our new GBBC Coffee Project page for details!

Will you help us by praying for these needs?

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