GBBC Water System

We have a photo album with captions that gives an overview of our water systems, and some of the other water needs.  Click the "view slideshow" option and have your cursor (arrow) over the pictures and the captions will automatically load with the pictures.

Our main system is an efficient rainwater gravity-fed system.  The tin roofs of various buildings catch the rainwater and gutters send the water into twelve 2,000 gallon tanks.  Underground pipes drain this water to an almost 24,000 gallon Southern-Cross storage tank.  The water is then pumped to a header tank where it gravity-feeds the whole campus, including cookhouses, men's and women's dorms, shower and toilet blocks, and staff houses.  While the total capacity of nearly 50,000 gallons sounds like a lot, we very rarely are at capacity, need to replace some broken tanks, and always have families and students (about 100 people) using water.  In the rainy season (Nov-May) we typically have lots of water, but every year we have water shortages which force us to ration water, and usually purchase water as well. 

We also have a river-water system to supplement our main system, but it is not functioning and is in need of an upgrade.  Our campus borders a small river, and we have set up a system to pump that water to the showers, clothes-washing areas, and toilet blocks.  But the system has broken down.  We have researched some options and desire to set up a more efficient gravity-fed system with another large storage tank for a remaining need of $20,000 dollars.  $2,000 is needed immediately for a new suction pump, most of the other money involves the costs of a new large storage tank and fully implementing the system. 

Recently a man who owns a well digging company dropped by the Bible College.  His company digs wells for churches, schools, as well as for government and aid agency projects.  They had an unexpected opening in their schedule and would be available to dig a well at GBBC if we were interested.  Not only would he give us a considerable discount, but he would drill up to 3 holes for that price to help us find water.  If we hired a commercial outfit it would have cost over double the amount, per hole, whether they find water or not.  A week later they drilled the first hole and hit water!  We are now in the process of getting the water tested and evaluating the size of pump we will need to to make it operational as well as determining what kind of plumbing and hardware we will need.  This is exciting!  We will be to use the water from this well whether it is drinkable or not.  

Please pray with us for these needs!  

If you would like to help financially, to help provide water tanks for married houses, to replace broken tanks, or help upgrade the river water system, you could visit our "giving" link or send to our GBBC General Needs account at ABWE.  Please designate for what project you are giving.

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GBBC Water System (click on slides for captions) Photos