Serving in Papua New Guinea at Goroka Baptist Bible College

Pat and Kellis Melson 2020

Patrick and Kellis Melson serve in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism.  They serve primarily at Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC), whose multiple programs in both English and Melanesian Pidgin provide great opportunities for discipleship and growth. Over 70% of our 460 graduates are serving the Lord, and our team of nationals and missionaries are expanding the programs, staff, and facilities to continue training leaders for reaching the lost and strengthening the growing church of Papua New Guinea. 

We are raising prayer and financial support to return to the ministries we served in for 25 years!  We currently reside in Yuma, AZ to help care for aging parents, but our PNG team has asked for our assistance both while living stateside and by coming on ministry trips.  Once fully supported, Patrick, and sometimes Kellis, will take 3 teaching and ministry trips per year to the college where Patrick served as the director for many years. When not preparing for trips, we will assist with projects and resource development, as well as strengthening partnerships between PNG and USA churches. Do you have any questions?  We'd love to help you know how you can be involved.

Patrick: I grew up in Sacramento, California, and was saved through the ministry of an AWANA club.  My pastor encouraged me to go to Bible College for more training.
Kellis: I was raised in Redmond, Washington, and was saved as a young girl, partially through the ministry of Christian neighbors. We met in Salem, Oregon, at Western Baptist College, now known as Corban University. My mom and dad were dorm parents, and Pat worked for my dad in the Graphics Art Department.  We both became interested in each other, that's kind of how it started.
Patrick: We were married on the same day I graduated (!), and received further training at Temple Baptist Church and at Northwest Baptist Seminary in Tacoma, Washington (now a part of Corban University). While in seminary we were challenged by a missionary to consider the needs of the mission field, and the commands to make disciples of all nations. “There are many who can go but DON’T, shouldn’t you see if the Lord wants YOU to go?” We were appointed as missionaries in 1990 and served in Papua New Guinea for 25 years.

We are returning to PNG because of God's command, calling, and the great need - HOW can they hear without a preacher?  There are needs for more workers, those willing to carry the Gospel to Papua New Guinea, and WE can do that!  The growing church in Papua New Guinea needs experienced missionaries who understand the culture and languge, which we do, and we are willling to go.  Will you help us? 

PNG also needs people who know Jesus to come to PNG and tell them about Jesus--Those who don't know can only hear it from someone who does.  Is that you?  Can you come to Papua New Guinea? 

DSCN3443 crop Bachelor's Degree graduates